Junior Rippers 2023 - CANCELLED

Due to extenuating circumstances - we apologise,

RIPPERS is unable to continue for the rest of the season.

Thank you for your understanding.

Saturday mornings 11am - 12:30pm

A fun morning at the beach including beach education, water education and some surfing! 
Registrations are now open to club members aged 6 - 14 year olds.
Please click here to register.

COMPLETED! Junior Surf Programme (JSP)

Tue 27 Dec 2022 to Fri 13 Jan 2023. We look forward to keeping 140+ 6-14yr olds busy this summer on the beach.

Please arrive with enough time to locate your squad, get your gear on and be ready to start activities at 10am.

Sausage sizzle on sale daily. Please bring your water bottle to stay hydrated!

Swimming Ability

As a general guide

Delta squad 6 - 8 years need to be able to swim (any stroke) for at least 15 metres with their feet off the bottom.

Charlie squad 8 - 11 years need to be able to swim (any stroke) for at least 50 metres in waist deep water. Bravo 2 squad is required to swim a minimum of 100 metre (and ideally 200 metre) in deep water, in the ocean. Bravo 1 squad is required to swim a minimum of 200 metres in deep water, in the ocean.

Alpha 2 squad should be able to confidently complete a 200 metre buoy swim. Alpha 1 squad should be able to confidently complete a 200 metre buoy swim under 4.30mins.

Becoming a Rookie Guard

Once graduated from the Junior Surf Programme, our members can progress to a Rookie Guard, volunteering time on the beach and undertaking further study to progress to a qualified lifeguard position. 

Level 1

Confidence in the water
Theory questions on keeping safe at the beach

Level 2

Bodysurfing and wading technique
Nine theory questions

Level 3

50m pool swim
Catching waves
Theory questions covering surf lifeguard roles as well as keeping safe at the beach

Level 4

200m pool swim
Correct technique for duck diving
Identifying rips and wave types

Level 5

Increased skill development for surf swimming
Theory questions cover setting up for patrol and parts of the inflatable rescue boat (IRB)

Upcoming Courses


18 Mar: Coromandel Surf LG & Patrol Support Exam #5 at Hot Water Beach with SLSNZ ER

On Demand: Missing Person/Swimmer with Sean Ridler - theory & practical



19-21 May: National Search and Rescue Summit (NSARS) will run at Muriwai Beach relocated to Mt Maunganui Beach.
Applications closed 10 March 2023.






21-23 Oct: Labour Weekend  All guards - refresher weekend at the Tairua Club.



Become a volunteer lifeguard

We have volunteer and paid lifeguard positions available within our club. You must be at least 14 years old, be a member of a Surf Life Saving Club, attend regular training sessions and pass the SLSNZ Surf Lifeguard Award Examination.

The exam comprises of: 
  • 400m pool swim in under 9 minutes
  • Rescue releases assessment in the pool
  • Run/swim/run in the surf
  • Tube rescue assessment
  • Practical surf knowledge test and theory exam

Becoming a Rookie Guard

Targeting 13 year old Junior Surf Members, this is a transition programme for those wanting to become Surf Lifeguards. The programme can take 2-8 weeks to complete. 

  • Able to swim 200m in a pool under 4:30
  • Current club member
  • Available to particpate in four patrols (minimum 12 hours total)
  • Complete all Rookie Surf Lifeguard Log Book Modules

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