Leaving a lasting legacy

Leaving a bequest to the Tairua Surf Lifesaving Club is a generous way to support the ongoing efforts in ensuring the safety of beachgoers and providing essential lifesaving services.

With your generous donation, we can help equip our lifeguards with the skills they need to save lives at our beaches. Alongside training, funds raised will also contribute to essential beach safety messaging which plays an important part in educating beach-goers about the dangers that exist in our coastal waters.

If you have any questions about leaving a gift in your Will, please contact us: admin@tairuaslsc.com. We are happy to help.

If you have already chosen to leave us a gift in your Will, we would love the opportunity to thank you for thinking of us, so please get in touch. We treat this information in complete confidence.

How to make a bequest to Tairua SLSC

Contact us
While you don’t have to ask us to leave a bequest, we can discuss how your donation will allow us to continue our work through your generosity.

Speak with your lawyer/trust company
Making a Will can help your family deal with a difficult time so we think everyone should make a Will.  Speak to your lawyer, the Public Trust or another trust company about making a Will, or changing your existing Will to include a bequest to Tairua SLSC, as a charity you want to support. 

Decide whether to tell your family and friends 
While you do not have to consult anyone about how you want to arrange your affairs, speaking to your family and friends about your decisions might help them give effect to your charitable goals.  
It is up to you whether you tell us. We know this is a very private matter, but we would like the opportunity to thank you and talk with you about how your money might be used.  

Contacting Tairua SLSC

To ensure your bequest is properly directed, you may want to contact the club directly:

By including the Tairua Surf Lifesaving Club in your Will, you are making a lasting impact on the community and helping to ensure the safety and well-being of future generations of beachgoers. It’s advisable to seek professional advice to make sure your bequest is properly structured and legally binding.


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