With a little help from our friends

As a voluntary organisation, the Tairua Surf Lifesaving Club is heavily reliant on our community. Locals living in our area and those who make Tairua their home over the holidays play a vital role in ensuring we have the resources needed to deliver a lifesaving service at Tairua Beach.


As we get ready for the upcoming summer, Tairua Surf Life Saving Club is reaching out to supporters, businesses and families with a connection to our beach for our annual sponsorship programme.

The yearly balance of ensuring sufficient gear along with operational costs to maintain the club is made possible because of the generous support of sponsors and funding Trust support. 

Please download our sponsorship document if you wish to find out more. 

Make a donation today

Each New Year's Day we door knock the Tairua community to raise funds through our annual collection.

If you can help our club with a donation or by funding or supplying specific equipment please let us know! 

Donations can be made into our account at: 
Tairua Surf Life Saving Club Incorporated
02 0360 0188588 00
Please include your name and cell phone number.

Thank you for your generous support.


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