Becoming a lifeguard

We are always on the hunt for qualified lifeguards to join our team!

Our annual intake is typically April, and open to candidates who have progressed through our Junior Surf Programme or a similar programme at another club. Generally these candidates are 14 years old, or turning 14 during the year. 

Candidates need to:

  • Swim 400m in a pool under 8-minutes

  • Be run fit (and a good level of general fitness and strength) 

  • Be a current club member

  • Available to particpate in training camps throughout the year

  • Commit to learning and developing their knowledge

Become an adult lifeguard

Adults are invaluable to our club. Whether it is assisting with patrols, or being an active member of our summer delivery team, we need and value your help!

Set the standard for your children and complete your own lifeguard qualification, and lead from the front.

Our programme includes evening online lessons along with on-beach training in Tairua. We will work with you to become qualified with the SLSNZ Surf Lifeguard Award Examination.

The exam comprises of: 

  • 400m pool swim in under 9 minutes

  • Rescue releases assessment in the pool

  • Run/swim/run in the surf

  • Tube rescue assessment

  • Practical surf knowledge test and theory exam

Lifeguard training

Our instructors run weekend camps throughout the year to develop and prepare you for your exam. Topics covered include: 

  • Health, safety, welfare and risk management

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Surf environment 

  • Communications 

  • Rescue equipment

  • Surf lifeguard skills 

  • CPR

  • First Aid 

Exam components

Once ready, candidates will complete their Surf Lifesaving New Zealand exam to become a qualified guard. These take place throughout the summer. 

  • 400m pool swim under 9 minutes

  • Run-Swim-Run in the Surf

  • Tube Rescue in the pool and surf

  • First Aid and CPR

  • Communication Signals

  • Radio Communication

  • Theory questions

  • Rescue tows and releases

Let's work together


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