Upcoming Courses, Trainings, Events etc

Tue 5: SLA Instructor & Examiner Briefing @ Online. Contact Gabby.
Sat 9: Patrol Captains (PC) Course @ Whangamatā. Contact Gabby.
Sun 10: IRB Driver Development @ Papamoa. Contact Bella or Jamie.
Sat 16-17: Surf Lifeguard Award (SLA) Training @ Pauanui. Contact Gabby.
Sat 23: IRB Trainee Driver development day @ Whangamatā. Contact Bella or Jamie.
Wed 27: Adult Lifeguard Training by Zoom. Contact Gabby.
Sat 30: IRB Drivers Exam @ Whangamatā. Contact Bella or Jamie.

Sun 1: Huntington Exchange - Camp Two.
Wed 4: Adult Lifeguard Training by Zoom. Contact Gabby.
Sun 8: Patrol Captains (PC) Course @ Whangamatā. Contact Gabby.
Wed 11: Adult Lifeguard Training by Zoom. Contact Gabby.
Wed 18: Adult Lifeguard Training by Zoom. Contact Gabby.
Sat 21-23: Labour Day Weekend ALL GUARDS - COMPULSORY: LG refresher, JSP Instructor training @ Tairua, SLA training - Sunday @ Whangamata,.
Fri 27-29: Intermediate Lifeguard School @ Papamoa. Contact Gabby. Applications now closed.
Sat 28-29: Surf First Aid @ Waihi. Contact Briarna.

Sat 4: Instructor's Training Course @ Whangamatā. Contact Gabby.
Thu 30-3: National Lifeguard School @ Waihi. Contact Gabby.

Sat 16: Surf Lifesaving Award (SLA) Exam @ Waihi Beach. Contact Gabby.
Tue 26: JSP Instructor's Briefing @ Tairua. Contact Briarna.
Wed 27: Junior Surf Programme starts today @ 10am. Please arrive with enough time to find your squad and be ready to start activities by 10am.

Mon 1: Door to Door Collection
Fri 12: JSP Prizegiving
Sat 20: Surf Lifesaving Award (SLA) Exam @ Whangamatā. Contact Gabby.
TBC: King of the Mountain
TBC: Pauanui Carnival


Sun 31: Rookies Champs @ Waihi.

Sun 7: ER Rookie Champs @ Waihi Beach - Contact Gabby.
Fri 19-21: Intermediate Lifeguard School @ Waihi. Contact Gabby.

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